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Our puppies are pure bred AKC register American Labrador Retrievers the Top Breed for the 29th consecutive year according to the nation's largest purebred dog registry. Lab's with an eager to please temperament is one of many reasons why this ideal family dog takes top honors year after year. Labs also excel at dog sports (like dock diving, obedience, and agility), make fantastic K-9 partners, and are some of the most popular service dogs, search and rescue dogs, and therapy dogs. On top of all that, they'er also pretty adorable. LABSATK takes pride in breeding quality offspring with a history of proven hunting, field champion and national field champion lineage in health, genetics, fitness and trainability. Our puppies are ready at 7wks for their new home or start in our training program. Each puppy purchased at LABSATK is AKC registered, microchipped (lifetime pre-enrollment)unless otherwise stated, their dew claws are removed and we provide a 24 month congenital health guarantee with full registration we guarantee Hips,Elbow,CNM and EIC.



Hello and Welcome to LABSATK. We are a small breeding and training kennel located in North Central Texas and have been working with Retrievers

since 2007. Our mission at LABSATK is to provide quality Labrador Retrievers from breeding to training. We are dedicated to providing a healthy companion for your needs. Our breeding program of both Sire and Dam provides the highest standards of health and nutritional diet. Our training programs and trainer are dedicated to provide a hunt retriever companion for your hunting needs from the uplands of Texas dove to Northern pheasant and the waterfowl of the Southern coastal marsh and grasslands. We offer a variety of colors with confirmation of the American standard Labrador Retriever. Our goal is a great companion/hunt retriever for your needs. We offer a training program for AKC Hunt Test in both Junior and Senior Hunt Levels. LABSATK offers training for puppies purchased from our program.

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All of our training programs are currently Unavailable

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My Services

LABSATK takes pride in the puppies we raise and offer our training services to clients that purchase from us. LABSATK is dedicated to building a solid foundation from kennel to house manners, field work upland and waterfowl, and public access so your companion and gun dog is sound for all types of environments. 
LABSATK offers training  sessions hourly (1 on 1),weekly,bi-weekly,by the month,or purchase one of our Started Dogs.

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Helping You Help Your Retriever


Basic Obedience

If you purchased from us and your Retriever needs help with a specific physical or behavioral issue, Training with LABSATK may be a great option for you. Sessions can be done at LABSATK training facility.

Basic Obedience 

1. Kennel

2. Sit

3. Here

4. Heel (On Lead)

5. Down (Lay)

6. No Jump

7. No Bark

8. Other Animals

   a. Dogs

   b. Chickens

   c. Ducks

8. Enviroments

   1. Back Yard

   2. Work Shop

   3. Different Types of Cover

       a. Short

       b. Medium

9. Public access training

   a. Parks 

   b. Store Fronts   

   c. Trades Day 


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Hunt Test Retrievers

Started Gun Dog

AKC JH level

  • Conditioning of Basic Obedience

  • Single Marks Land 75-100 yards Water 20-75 yards

  • Steady to gunfire

  • Delivery to Hand

  • Hold and Force Fetched

  • Intro to Dead Birds

  • Intro to Live/Crippled Birds

  • Intro to Decoys Land/Water

  • Intro to Sit and Here with Whistle​​

  • "Place" for dog in blind/stand 

  • 4 handed casting​

  • Lining​ Drills

  • Wagon Wheel Drill

  • Swim By Drill

  • Double T Drill​s

  • Intro to E-Collar​​


                                                                    Advance Started Gun Dog

                                                                              AKC SH Level

  • Conditioning of Started Gun Dog​

  • Single Marks Land 100-150 yards Water 75-100 yards​

  • No Cheating Bank Drills​

  • Intro to Double Retrieve on Land 75-100 yards

  • Diversion concepts

  • Force to Pile​

  • Directional Back drills​

  • Lining around the clock​

  • Intro to Double Retrieves on Water 20-75 yards​

  • Confidence Blinds

  • Blind Drills

  • Blind Drills with Diversions

  • Cold Blinds

  • 8 handed casting

  • Wagon Wheel Advanced

  • Wagon Wheel Thread the needle​

  • Walk-ups​

  • Honoring​​

AKC Certifications and Titles

  • Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

  • Junior Hunter (JH)